Tuesday, March 21, 2006



I was checking out a few sites this morning and found a link to a drawing competition over at Sacks10

The competition was to "Draw your favourite Fat Albert and the Costby kids pic." The picture above was the Grand Prize Winner.

Anyway, on that site, I found a link to Drawn!, a really cool animation blog. I thought Patrick would dig it. So, I started writing him an email but decided it would be more fun to blog it.

So, Check out the item Somewhere between punk rock and lollipops. The art studio that produced it, TVM Studio, also produced the website/game The Streaking Game where you control a streaker hired by companies to display their brands at sporting events!

Also, check out the link to the Blog of Kells, a blog for studio making the animated movie The Book of Kells.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


"Why Windows Vista Won't Suck"

There is an interesting over on ExtremeTech discussing the changes Vista will bring to the Windows OS entitled Why Windows Vista Won't Suck .

The article discusses the question "why should I upgrade?" and talks about how the kernel has been completely overhauled, how many drivers have been moved to the user level from the system level and how the OS has been basically rewriten with security and stability in mind.

The author, Jason Cross, breaks down each section and has a nice "Why should you care?" section at the bottom of each section.

So, should you upgrade? Cross reckons that there "are simply too many questions that won't be answered for months yet" such as "Will there be compatibility problems", "Will all the changes...to improve security and stability be successful", and "how much will [performance] improve". Nonetheless he agrees that "it's a giant improvement to the way we use our PCs" and puts it on the same level as an upgrade from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, or Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X.

It's definitely made me want to have a look!

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